Rank: Stoker, 1st Class
Number: K/18444
Unit: Submarine E26 ROYAL NAVY
Date of Death: 6 July 1916
Age: 22
Cemetery: Plymouth Naval Memorial

In the late summer of 1889, Joseph Grimshaw, a cotton spinner, married Elizabeth Gallimore. The wedding took place at St Paul’s Church, Portwood. In 1893, their daughter, Ellen, was born. On 6 March the following year, they had a son and called him Harry.

Nothing else is known of Harry’s life. His service number suggests he probably joined the Navy after War was declared in August 1914.

E26 was on patrol in the North Sea, probably in the area known as Eastern Ems. She never returned to home base and no trace of her was ever discovered. On 2 July, an oil slick thought to have come from a submarine was spotted by a German patrol boat. A submarine was later attacked by other German vessels in the same vicinity and this may have been E26.

It will have taken some time for news to come to the family, now living at 12 Gill Street, Stockport. Until sometime had passed after her scheduled return to home port, it could not have been known there was a problem. And it may have been many months more, before it was confirmed that the crew had not been captured and taken prisoner.

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