Rank: Private
Number: 265615
Unit: 9th Battalion CHESHIRE REGIMENT
Date of Death: 20 July 1917
Cemetery: Locre Hospice Cemetery, Heuvelland, Belgium

Nothing is known for certain about John Hargreaves, except that Regimental records, published after the War, indicate he was born in the parish of St Augustine's C of E Church, Stockport and enlisted in the town. The 1901 Census lists a boy of this name, aged 6, who might be him, making him about 22 when he was killed.

His original service number, 2358, indicates he was possibly a pre-war member of the Territorial Army and had been mobilised at the outbreak of War, or joined within days of War being declared. An account of the local Battalion's early months of service is here.  He will still have been a member of the 6th Battalion in January 1917 when the six-digit service numbers were issued to Territorial soldiers. It is probable that, around this time, John was wounded or otherwise away from his unit due to sickness. After he had recovered and was ready to return to duty, it will have been the case that the 9th Battalion was in greater need of replacement troops and he would have been reassigned.

Click here for details of John's last tour of duty in the trenches. Sometime during this period, probably on the 19th, John was seriously wounded. He would have received attention from the Battalion's medical officer and was in the process of process of being evacuated to a Casualty Clearing Station (field hospital) when he died. The Cemetery where is buried was used by the Field Ambulance at the time. The Ambulance would transport casualties in the modern sense of the word, but also maintained the Main Dressing Stations in a battle zone.

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