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Regimental records suggest two men, both called Thomas Harrison, died during the war, serving with the Regiment and had a Stockport connection. With the passage of time, it is impossible to know which is the one is commemorated on the Stockport War Memorial. There were no newspaper reports of either death

The first man, Corporal Thomas Harrison, was born in Heaton Norris. He first enlisted into the Army Service Corps (service number 30287), as a regular soldier in 1911. However, his services were not immediately required and he returned home to serve as a reservist, being calle dup when war was declared in August 1914.  He was subsequently transferred to the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment (service number 53060) and was killed in action on 28 June 1918. Original research for this project suggested that he did not appear to be included in the Book of Honour of those commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. However, the release of army service papers (via Ancestry.com) show that he served under his real name was Allcock. He was the son of William & Phoebe but was raised by his maternal grandmother, Mrs Harrison, and was generally known by that name. Thomas Allcock/Harrison is buried at Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes, France

7460, Private Thomas Harrison, also of the 1st Battalion, Cheshire Regiment, was another regular soldier and was killed on 4 September 1916. His specific connection with the town is unknown as he was born in Blackpool and his family connections appear to have been Lytham. He did, however, enlist at Stockport in 1904, so was probably living in the town at that time.

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