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The name of H Hazeldine is recorded on the Stockport War Memorial amongst those who served with a Scottish Regiment.  Although it is impossible to be sure, all indications are that his name is wrongly spelt and the man is Harry Hayseldene.

The on-line records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission have been examined for a man called Hazeldine or Hazledine and noe of the next of kin information indicates any local connection.  The CD-ROM "Soldiers Died in the Great War" has also been examined for place of birth, residence and enlistment with similar negative results. The National Archives has on-line access to medal entitlement records of all soldiers who served overseas during the Great War. There are 11 men named H Hazeldine - of whom two died. None of the eleven served overseas with a Scottish Regiment.

Harry Hayseldene is, however, quite well documented and was 20 when he was killed in action whilst serving with the 1/8th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

He was the son of Fred and had been born in the New Moston area of Manchester.  The family later moved to 46 Christchurch Terrace, Heaton Norris.  Not long after War was delcared, the Argylls started recruiting in the Manchester area and signed up over 250 volunteers.  It's not known if Harry had any Scottish connections or if he enlisted with friends.  Perhaps, there might have been the extra excitement of being able to wear a kilt.  He probably went overseas in the late spring of 1915 and was reported to have been wounded on 19 July 1915.  He was killed by the explosion of a shell on either the 26th or 30th of July 1916.

Harry had been engaged to a young woman called Frances who placed an In Memoriam notice in the Manchester evening News for him in 1917.

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