Rank: Private
Number: 87942
Unit: 13th Battalion King’s (Liverpool) Regiment
Date of Death: 5 April 1918
Cemetery: Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, Pas de Calais, France

It has not been possible to positively identify Peter Hooley. Regimental records published after the War indicate he had been born in Stockport and was living in the town at the time he enlisted at Chester.

An examination of the 1901 Census reveals on one person of this name who had been born in the town and was living there. This was the two year old son of Joseph and Ellen Hooley who were living at 37 Shard Street, Stockport. However, it has not been possible to confirm if this is the future soldier.

On 21 March 1918, the German Army launched a massive attack against British forces along a wide front. Within hours, the British positions had been over-run with many thousands killed, wounded or captured. The 13th King's were not involved in significant action of the first day but, as with the rest of the British Army found itself in headlong retreat. The retreat would continue for nearly two weeks before German supply lines became over-stretched and the attack ran out of steam. The German Army had pushed the British back nearly 40 miles in some areas, retaking all the losses of the previous two years. Exhausted, 13th King's was withdrawn to billets on 31 March and took now further part in the fighting.

Sometime during this time, Peter was wounded. It cannot be known when, but he died from these wounds on 5 April. This was probably at a dressing station or a field hospital. He is buried at Souchez in a part of the Cemetery that was not created until after the Armistice. This confirms he must have been originally buried elsewhere and was one of the 7000 bodies that were brought from over a hundred scattered burial areas in this sector of the fighting.

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