F (see below) HUXLEY
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The name F Huxley is inscribed twice on the Stockport War Memorial and research tends to support the theory that they are the same man (although it is impossible to be sure). One name is amongst those listed as serving with a Lancashire regiment. No trace has been found, in official records, of anyone with this name serving with one of the county's infantry regiments.

The other name is amongst those notified for inclusion after 1925 and included on an addendum panel.

There is a very likely explanation. Frank Huxley served with the Royal Field Artillery in the 2nd (East Lancashire) Brigade. It is probable that there was an initial mistake which wrongly assigned him to the East Lancashire Regiment. No doubt at some point after 1925 and the construction of the Memorial, family or friends visited and didn't find his name, as expected, amongst the artillerymen  and, perhaps, made the assumption that he had not been included. Even if they saw it, they could not have been expected to realise that the F Huxley amongst the Lancashire infantrymen was their Frank. They must have asked for his name to be included on the Addendum panel.

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