Joseph R KELLY
Rank: Private
Number: 37646
Date of Death: 8 March 1917
Age: 25
Cemetery: St Sever Cemetery Extension, Seine-Maritime, France

Very little is known about Joseph. Army records published after the War indicate he had been born in Stockport. He was married but his wife is only known by her initials - M A . In the early 1920s, she was living at 380 Hempshaw Lane. Joseph worked at a mill on Brinksway before he joined the army and was assigned to the South Lancashire Regiment (service number 27999). He was transferred to the Gloucesters before going overseas on active service.

He died in a military hospital from, as the local press reported it, "trench foot". It was an infection caused by spending long periods in waterlogged trenches. If caught in its early stages it was very treatable. Certainly by 1917, the army was well aware of the problem and made great efforts to ensure men kept their feet as dry as possible and changed their socks at least twice a day. They would also cover their feet in whale oil as a further protection. For whatever reason, Joseph's condition had become serious - almost certainly turning to gangrene.

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