Rank: Private
Number: 37626
Date of Death: 21 October 1918
Age: 27
Cemetery: Pomieres Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France

Ulick and John Lovery were the eldest sons of Michael and Mary. Both would go off to the War and neither would come home. Michael died in 1901, leaving Mary to bring up six children, including James just a few months old, at the family home at 17 High Bankside, Stockport (and, later, 12 Webb Lane.

Little else is known about John. He worked for local ironfounders, Henry Hollingdrake & Sons Ltd and was engaged to Hilda. Her last name isn't known. When War came, John's service number suggests he was not an early volunteer, perhaps only joining up well into 1915. And he nearly survived the conflict - only to be killed in action less than three weeks before the War ended.

On 20 October 1918, the British Army continued its advance which would shortly end the conflict. The Gloucesters attacked German positions near the village of Haussy (20 miles north east of the town of Cambrai). "A" and "B" Companies led the attack, crossing the River Selle, while "D" Company mopped up any pockets of resistance in the village. The whole Battalion then continued to advance towards a final objective on high ground north east of the river. The attack was entirely successful and casualties had been very light with only 5 men having been killed.

Next day, they continued to hold the position and, presumably, came under some enemy shellfire as three men, including John, were killed.

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