Rank: Private
Number: 206242
Date of Death: 8 June 1918
Cemetery: Rethel French National Cemetery, Ardennes, France

Almost nothing is known of Ernest's life, other than he was married and his home was at 51 Oliver Street, Stockport. He enlisted into the army in the town, joining the local 6th (Territorial) Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment. His service number, 3023, indicates this was not early in the War and may have been as late as 1916. It is not known when or under what circumstances he transferred to the Worcesters but his above service number suggests he was assigned to its 7th Battalion. It was probably the 2/7th Battalion which was disbanded in February 1918 and this is probably when he was transferred to the 1st Battalion.

In the early hours of 27 May, the Germans opened the third phase of their spring offensive intending to drive forcefully towards Paris. The Worcesters were in the front line and came under artillery barrage from 1am onwards. At 4am, the German infantry attacked. After some fierce fighting, there was no option but to retreat from the onslaught and the Worcesters pulled back to Poussy and Boufignereux. They took up a defensive position but were again attacked and, again, forced into retreat. By nightfall, they had taken up another position on high ground near Montigny.

During the day, Ernest had been wounded and had to be left behind. He was taken prisoner by the advancing Germans and evacuated to one of their military hospitals where he died a few days later. He was able to write home to his wife telling her what had happened.

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