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The name W McCann appears twice on the Stockport War Memorial and, again, once on the Heaton Moor Memorial. It is possible, but unlikely, that there are three different men. Of the two inscriptions on the Stockport Memorial, the name appears on the panels listing soldiers serving with the various Lancashire regiments and, again, as serving with the Cheshire Regiment.

The man serving with the Cheshires is William McCann. He is the only W McCann to appear on the 1901 Census as having a Stockport area connection. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records the names of 27 men with this initial. They have been cross-referenced with the CD-ROM "Soldiers Died in the Great War", with gives details of place of birth, enlistment and residence. With the exception of William McCann, none appear to have any connection with the wider Stockport area.

It is possible that the McCann listed as serving with a Lancashire regiment is a soldier who had been discharged from the army some time before death and this accounts for his non-commemoration by the Commission. It is also possible that there is simply an error and that he is William McCann. This would also suggest that he is the man on the Heaton Moor Memorial.

Unless further information comes to light, it will probably never be possible to resolve the questions about the identity of W McCann.

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