Rank: Bombardier
Number: 736083
Unit: A Battery, 160th Brigade ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY
Date of Death: 21 March 1918
Cemetery: Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Nothing is known of Frank’s life, except that army records published after the War, indicate he was born in Stockport and enlisted in the town.  

Frank’s service number is one issued after the beginning of 1917 and is associated with the 265th Brigade. This was a local unit of the Territorial army which had been overseas since 1915. At some later point, Frank was transferred to 160th Brigade. This may have been because he was away from his original unit for some considerable time – perhaps recovering from wounds or illness. When he had recovered, 160th Brigade would have been in greater need of replacements.

The information from the army, referred to earlier, records that Frank “died”. This is a usual designation for a death from natural causes. However, it seems probable that it is wrong. If Frank had died in a hospital in the rear area, he would have a known grave yet he is commemorated on a memorial to the missing. The date of his death is also the date of a massive German attack which launched their spring offensive. Within hours, the British front line had been overrun and the Tommies were in retreat. It seems much more likely that Frank had been killed during the preliminary enemy artillery bombardment which is known to have targeted the British gun positions as well as the front line.

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