Arthur Elias POWELL
Rank: Private
Number: 2257
Unit: 1/7th Battalion MANCHESTER REGIMENT
Date of Death: 29 May 1915
Age: 23
Cemetery: Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Helles, Turkey

Arthur had been born in Manchester, the son of Elias Samuel Powell and Elizabeth Powell. The family later moved to 200 Bramhall Lane, Stockport. They worshipped at the Buxton Road Congregational Church and Arthur was the Secretary of its Young Persons' Guild. He had been educated at Manchester Grammar School (and is commemorated on its Roll of Honour). He then went to work for the London, City and Midland Bank at its branch at King Street, Manchester.

He was member of Stockport Lacrosse Club and he was one of many of its members to enlist into the army in the days follwoig the declaration of War in August 1914. By the middle of the following month, Arthur was aboard a ship bound for Egypt. He undertook his military training there and in Khartoum where the 7th Battalion was subsequently posted. Some details of these early months can be found here.

On 7 May, Arthur and his comrades landed at Gallipoli ready to go into action. The Battalion's War Diary is now missing from the National Archives so much of the detail of the following days is now lost. A major attack on the Turkish lines was scheduled for 4 June. In preparation, the British line had to be advanced so that the new front line would be within charging distance of the Turkish trenches. The task of making the initial move was given to the 7th and 8th Battalions and it was to be undertaken on the 28th.

The men from "B" and "D" Companies went out into No Man's Land during the night, even though there was a full moon. As well as their rifles, the men carried a spade or pick and, lying down, first dug a hole. Gradually they deepened and widened in, joining up to the next man to make a trench. Unfortunately, almost as soon as they had started, they were spotted by the enemy. The Turks then opened up with rifle and machine gun fire causing many casualties. Arthur was one of those badly wounded. He was evacuated away from the front line to the field hospital on the cliffs overlooking the landing beach. There military surgeons would have done what they could to save his life but without success.

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