Date of Death:

All attempts to identify this man have been unsuccessful. The name is inscribed on the Stockport War Memorial. It also appears in the Roll of Honour published in the 1918 edition of the Cheshire Year Book but it issues the caveat that the information has been gleaned from local newspapers. However, the archive of newspaper obituaries held by Stockport's Local Heritage Library make no reference to the man.

The on-line medal entitlement records held by the National Archives indicate two soldiers with this name and initials served abroad during the war. By co-incidence both served with the Army Service Corps. They were Private Albert H Seager (service number S4/058478) and Private Albert Herbert Seager (M2/191444). However, neither is recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as having died. Assuming that one of these men is, in fact, the soldier commemorated on the Memorial, then it is likely that he had been discharged from the army and subsequently died from an illness unconnected with his war service. This would account for him not being commemorated by the Commission. It would, of course, have been entirely appropriate for his family or friends to request his inclusion on the Memorial.

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