Robert SUART
Rank: Private
Number: 29593
Date of Death: 27 September 1918
Cemetery: 36

In 1874, Matthew Suart and Mary Kenyon married at Christ Church, Heaton Norris. It is not known how many children they had but Bob, then aged 18, was the eldest of four recorded on the 1901 Census. The family was living at 30 Heawood Street, Edgeley and would continue to do so at least until the early 1920s. Matthew worked at a local cotton mill as a dyer and when Bob left school he also went to work at a mill, as a bleacher.

In 1907 married his fiancée, Beatrice Hill, at the nearby St Matthews Church. They are thought to have set up home at 16 Mahood Street, where she is known to be after the War. 1907 was probably important to our future soldier in more than this way. It's an unusual name and he is almost certainly the Bob Suart, understood to be featured in a photograph of the Stockport County team for 1906/7.

When war came, Bob enlisted in the town joining the South Lancashire Regiment (service number 40332) and went on active service with them after training. His fairly low service number with the Warwicks suggests he was quickly transferred to them and this may have been within days of his arrival in France, if they were in urgent need of replacement troops.

27 September 1918 would see one of the decisive British attacks of the final months of the War and the 14th Warwicks would play their part. During the evening before, they moved into assembly trenches north of position unfortunately known as Deadman's Corner. Leading the attack in this sector would be the 15 Warwicks and the 1st West Kents. Bob and his mates would be in support of them and, when they had captured their objectives, would move through them to take the second objective.

Zero hour was at 7.52am and the attack went according to plan. However, before they had time to consolidate the gain, the Germans counter-attacked the Warwicks. They made great use of grenades to force the Warwicks out of their position with the loss of many men. Three of the four company commanders were killed and 190 other men were dead, wounded or missing. Bob's body was never found and identified and his name is now inscribed on the nearby Memorial to the Missing.

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