Date of Death:

It has not been possible to identify this man commemorated on the Stockport War Memorial as serving with the Cheshire Regiment. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records 16 men called Watson and having the initials W H. None were serving with the Cheshire Regiment and only one appears to have any local connection. This is William Harding Watson, who died on 15 December 1915, whilst serving with the Royal Field Artillery. He is also commemorated on the Stockport Memorial. Another local man, William Watson, served with the 8th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment and is also inscribed on the Memorial.

Cheshire Regimental records of fatal casualties, published just after the War, similarly fail to record anyone of this name. It is possible that he is one of the 260 W Watsons recorded by the War Graves Commission and had transferred unit. However, the more likely possibility is that his name has been duplicated on the Memorial and is one of the two men named above. It is possible that his name was submitted once by, say, friends and, again, by his family. Unless further information comes to light, his identity will remain a mystery.

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