Rank: Driver
Number: T4/042236
Unit: No. 3 Company, 30 Division Train ARMY SERVICE CORPS
Date of Death: 8 November 1918
Age: 32
Cemetery: Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois-Grenier, Nord, France

The 1901 Census records a 14 year old boy called Arthur Wheatcroft who had been born in Crimford, Derby and was then living in Matlock Bath. The Census also records that Millicent Buckley Holmes was working in Matlock as a housemaid. She had been born in Bakewell in 1886.

It's believed that the couple married between April and June 1908 and then lived at 8 Mountfield Road, Stockport. Arthur is believed to have worked at Hollywood Park.

Arthur Wheatcroft joined the army and the "T4" prefix to his service number indicates that he was attached to a horse transport company of the Army Service Corps and it was, in turn, attached to the 4th Army formed in early 1916. Four Companies (each comprising about 425 men) formed the Divisonal Train for 30th Division. They were, literally, the "workhorses" for the Division maintaining a supply line from the Divisional base to the troops in the front line. Each company had about 140 horse-drawn wagons. Although not in the front line, it was still dangerous work. The wagon train had to move down roads and these were regularly shelled by the enemy.

It is not clear what happened to Arthur. A publication after the war ("Soldiers Died in the Great War") indicates, simply, that he "died". This is a designation normally used to indicate a death from natural causes. The Cemetery where Arthur is buried is not used by military hospitals and, in fact, Arthur's body was brought here after the armistice when various very small burial areas near the French town of Armentieres were closed. There is, however, some indication that he died from pneumonia - no doubt arising from the influenza pandemic whioch claimed millions of lives worldwide in the autumn of 1918.

After the war, Millicent returned to Derbyshire and, in the 1920s, was living at 4 St John's Terrace, Matlock.

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