Albert Edward WOOD
Rank: Lance Bombardier
Number: 97350
Date of Death: 26 June 1918
Age: 32
Cemetery: Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais, France

Nothing is known of Albert’s early life, other than he was born in the Stockport area. In 1909, he married Edith Florence Brown at St Mary’s Church in the town centre and they are thought to have set up home at 429 Stockport Road, Lower Bredbury.

He enlisted into the army in town joining the Artillery. This was probably in late 1915 or early 1916 when 99th Battery was formed. The Siege Batteries fired the heaviest weapons in the arsenal of the British Army and Albert’s Battery was equipped with six 6” howitzers, capable of firing its 54kg shell over 10 kilometres.

On 24 June 1918, the Battery was north of St Vernant. During the hours of darkness, the gun positions were heavily shelled with gas. Only about 10 men were killed outright and the remainder had to quickly leave the positions. In the morning, they returned to the positions without wearing their respirators and virtually the whole Battery became victims of the mustard gas that still lingered.

Albert is believed to have been one of those overcome by the gas. Like most of his comrades, he was evacuated first to a field hospital and then to the more established hospital facilities on the Channel coast. He was one of many members of the Brigade who died over the coming days.

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