Rank: Private
Number: 22459
Unit: 7th Battalion King’s Shropshire Light Infantry
Date of Death: 2 September 1918
Cemetery: Vraucourt Copse Cemetery, Vaulx-Vraucourt, Pas de Calais, France

Nothing is known of Peter Wright's life, except that regimental records published after the War note he had been born in Hereford and enlisted into the army at Stockport.

Throughout most of August 1918, Peter will have been in action. For the last week of the month, the battalion had been withdrawn from the attack to re-organise and for the soldiers to clean-up and have some rest. On 2 September a further advance, to become known as the Second Battle of Bapaume, was ordered. At 5.30 am, the Shropshires advanced to attack heavily defended enemy positions on high ground near the village of Lagnicourt. They advanced some 4000 yards - a considerable feat and reached their objective well before other units. However, the battalions on either side of them failed to make progress and the Shropshires could not hold their position and had to withdraw some way to consolidate. Peter was one of about 40 killed in the attack. Another local man, Alfred Atkinson, was also killed.

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