Rank: Private
Number: 9333
Date of Death: 3 October 1914
Age: 28
Cemetery: City of Paris Cemetery, Bagneux, Hauts-de-Seine, France

In the late summer of 1885, James Wyche and Margaret Clarke married at St Paul's Church Portwood. The following year, their first child as born and they named him after his father. There would be at least two more children - Edward and Margaret are the only ones known to have been alive in 1901. James died in 1895, aged 31 and his widow and children continued to live at the family home at 49 Greg Street, Reddish.

When James left school, he went to work in a local cotton mill and, when the census was taken in 1901, was employed as a "doffer". This was a job normally undertaken by youngsters and involved changing the bobbins on the machines. Not too long after this, James joined the army as a regular soldier. He completed his service - probably 7 years - and returned to Stockport where he had a small boot and shoe making business on Sandy Lane. He was still an army reservist and, when War was declared on 4 August 1914, he was mobilised and had to return to his unit then at The Curragh in Ireland.

It moved quickly to France and James will have taken part in the Battle of Mons on 23 August. The Battalion then fought in the various subsequent battles of the retreat and then the fight back northwards. Some time during this period, James was badly wounded and had been evacuated to Baffon Hospital in Paris, where he died.

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