Rank: Driver
Number: 24068
Unit: 75th Battery, 146th Brigade ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY
Date of Death: 4 September 1916
Age: 32
Cemetery: Lahana Military Cemetery, Greece

The Bromleys originated from Warrington and William and his older brother, Seth were born there – sons of John and Catherine. Shortly after William’s birth in 1884, the family moved to Stockport. The 1901 Census found them living at 9 Laurence Street. The two sons were now joined by three other children - Joe, Hilda and Jane. They later moved to 179 Mersey Street.

Each battery of the artillery had about 200 men and four batteries made up the brigade. William will have been of the 75 drivers in the Battery, responsible for the horse drawn gun carriages. 75th Battery was part of the pre-War regular army but William was not a professional soldier. William joined up on 4 September 1914, leaving his job as a labourer.

He was posted to the Salonika theartre of the War, in northern Greece, where the British and Bulgarian Armies faced each other. Shortly after arriving , he was hospitalised for nearly two suffering from boils and dental problems. In June of the following year, he was in trouble for an unknown offence for which he was fined 10 days pay.

As with many in this theatre, William died of natural causes (pyrexia), probably at the field hospital called 37th Casualty Clearing Station which was at Lahana at the time.

The Stockport Express published an “In memoriam” notice to him in the edition of 6 September 1917. it was from “Mother, Father, sisters and John” (the latter probably a son born after the 1901 Census). It read “May his reward be as great as his sacrifice”.

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