Herbert BROWN
Date of Death:

Nothing is known about Herbert’s life, other than army records published after the war indicate he had been born in Stockport and enlisted in the town.

He died of wounds received in action, almost certainly on the day before he died. The Ambulance was much more than simply the emergency service we think of today. As well as transporting casualties to field hospitals, it provided the stretcher bearers who would carry a man from the front line to dressing stations a mile or so to the rear. These stations would also be staffed by doctors of the Field Ambulance and emergency surgical procedures would be carried out sufficient to stabilise a man’s condition sufficiently to allow the evacuation to the field hospital perhaps 20 miles away.

On 8 may, British troops attacked the Bulgarians south of Lake Doiran. The attack started at 21.50 and the stretcher bearers moved forward to their designated Regimental Aid Posts (in the support line trench). The first casualties arrived at the Main Dressing Station at about 22.30 and continued through the night. Herbert was probably badly injured by enemy shellfire during this time.

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