Rank: Driver
Number: T/33479
Date of Death: 17 June 1917
Age: 22
Cemetery: Not Known

Harry had been born in Willesden, Middlesex but, for some time, he had lived with his sister at 25 Ince Street, Heaton Norris. He had worked in the local hatting industry but, a few months before war was declared, in August 1914, Harry decided to join the army as a regular soldier.

The prefix "T" in his service number indicates he served in one of the Service Corps' Horse Transport Companies. These were, literally, the workhorses of the army, moving stores and maintaining supply lines.

Harry served in Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). When war broke out, Britain sent troops to secure the oil fields around Basra, but after a series of easy victories over the Turkish Army, decisions were taken to push north to try to capture Baghdad. It would prove to be a costly exercise with the expeditionary force eventually besieged in the city of Kut for 5 months before being forced to surrender. But the great killer here was not the Turkish army, but disease. Conditions for the troops were appalling - flies, mosquitoes, vermin, extremes of temperature, insufficient water for hygiene - all contributed to thousands of deaths. One of them was Harry.

Most unusually, Harry appears to be uncommemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and it is not known where he might be buried.

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