Rank: Private
Number: S4/039085
Unit: 22nd Lines of Communication Company ARMY SERVICE CORPS
Date of Death: 30 October 1918
Cemetery: Beirut War Cemetery, Lebanon

Nothing is known of John Connor's life except that army records published after the War show he had been born in Stourbridge but was living in Stockport when he enlisted into the army in the town.

The prefix "S4" to his service number indicates his army service was in supply. In essence John worked as a labourer. The Army Service Corps unit, to which John was attached, maintained supply dumps and delivered stores along the line of communication from major ports to the front line troops.

Initially the war, against the Turkish Army, in Palestine and Egypt, was to secure the Suez canal - a vital trade route for Britain. Over the period of conflict, fighting also took place in the modern countries of Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. The main British assault started in October 1917, where British troops were strongly supported by the Indian Army and by Australian & New Zealand troops.  Beirut was occupied on 8 October 1918 when the Turkish Army withdrew from the area. 15th & 32nd Combined Clearing Hospitals were quickly established here and John was a patient in one of them when he died of natural causes. An Armistice was signed with the Turks the next day.

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