Date of Death:

Attempts to identify this man have so far failed. His name is inscribed on the Stockport War Memorial as serving with a Lancashire Regiment. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists 11 men with this initial, but none appear to have any obvious local connection.

Family history websites, CheshireBMD and FreeBMD both record the registration, at Stockport, of the birth of a Frederick Copeland in 1883. There is, however, no-one of the name living locally recorded on the 1901 Census. This may mean that Copeland had died or was working away from the area. The National Archives holds medal entitlement records for all soldiers who served abroad  during the War. There are 24 with the name Frederick Copeland. None served with a Lancashire Regiment.

The man commemorated on the Memorial may be one of the 11 known to have died and there is, simply, no confirmatory next of kin information recorded. Alternatively, he may have been discharged from the army some considerable time before his death and, as such not recorded by the War Graves Commission. Or he may be a man who never served abroad. Unless further information comes to light, Copeland will remain a mystery.

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