Rank: Private
Number: 67820
Unit: 17th Battalion ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS
Date of Death: 30 August 1918
Age: 26
Cemetery: Ovillers Military Cemetery, Somme, France

Arthur was born in bredbury, the son of local coal dealer, Herbert Edwards and his wife Elizabeth. When the Census was taken in 1901, the family was living at 51 Higher Bent's Lane but, by the time of the War, had moved to "Thorn Lea" on Stockport Road. Arthur was now working in the family business. He enlisted into the army, as a conscript, on 28 April 1917 amnd went to France after 11 weeks training.

At some point, he was hospitalised suffering with "trench fever". This was a debilitating illness and rrecovery could take form as few days to several weeks. It started to manifest itself early in the War but it was not until 1918 that the cause was attributed to lice. After returnig to duty, he was wounded in the shoulder and, again, admitted to hospital, where he also developed septic poisoning.

Fully recovered, Arthur returned to duty on what was to be a fateful day. The British Army had been on the attack since the beginning of August 1918 and had made great progress. There had been much hard fighting but the Germans were now pulling back. The advances continued daily with first one Division attacking, then another taking up the assault the next day. The Fusiliers were part of this advance through the area that had seen such hard fighting in 1916 during the Battle of the Somme. It was anticipated that the Germans would again withdraw during the hours of darkness over 29/30 August. However, as the Fusiliers moved forward again, on the morning of the 30th, their advance was checked near the village of Morval by well entrenched German infantry who opened fire on them. Arthur became one of the casualties.

Attacking nearby with the 13th Welsh Regiment was one of Arthur's neighbours, Frank Smalley, son of George Smalley.

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