Frederick FAULKNER
Rank: Private
Number: 29266
Date of Death: 5 July 1917
Cemetery: Canada Farm Cemetery, Ieper, Belgium

Very little is known about Frederick. He was born in the Pendleton area of Salford and was married to Mabel. When the War Graves Commission collated its casualty information in the 1920s, she was living at 7 Ashbrook Lane, Reddish but it's not known if this was the home she shared with Frederick. It is also not known when they married although he may be the Frederick Faulkner who, in 1905, married Mabel Haynes at St Paul's Church in Pendleton.

For some reason, Frederick didn't enlist into the army locally, but travelled to Brecon, the home town of the South Wales Borderers, to join up. Perhaps he had been a regular soldier in his youth and, whilst no longer a reservist, wanted to ensure he rejoined his old unit. Early July 1917 was the lull before the storm that would erupt at the end of the month in what would be officially called the Third Battle of Ypres. In times like this, the fighting spirit of the men was kept up by regular offensive patrols into No Man's Land at night and raids on the enemy trenches opposite.

The 4th had been as quiet a day as ever there was on the Western Front. There had been some shelling and two men had been killed. Neighbouring units had carried out raids. Just after 1am, on the 5th, The Borderers sent out a patrol commanded by 2nd Lieutenant Davies. Frederick was one of the men. The plan would be to creep across No Man's Land and, perhaps, overhear the Germans. This could give valuable insight to if they were building up troop numbers in preparation for an attack. Just as they got clear of the British trench, they were surprised by a German patrol carrying out exactly the same mission. A fierce fight ensued which left Davies and three men wounded and one man probably dead and definitely missing. Frederick was one of the three - he had been badly injured. He was evacuated to a dressing station just behind the front line at Canada Farm where he died soon afterwards and was buried there.

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